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Sports Hall of Fame


Congratulations to our Mississauga Sports Hall of Fame Inductees

Additional updates later in the Fall. 

We appreciate your patience as we work to build back and engage our community.

Thank you, Hazel

As, Mayor, Hazel played a major role in the birth of the Sports Council. Her devotion to sport and recreation has been unwavering and she is much beloved in our city. We are saddened by her passing on Sunday, January 29th at the age of 101 years. Our thoughts are with her family and friends. 


Born the youngest of 5 children in the small Gaspe fishing village of Port Daniel, Que., the love for hockey came naturally to her. Later in Montreal she even had a brief professional career in 1940, being paid $5 a game. In her golden years, at opening ceremonies, she often skated out to centre ice - with hockey stick in hand.

Hazel McCallion's public life - politics and hockey - both require deft footwork and an ability to stickhandle. And Hazel's exceptional at both. During a long and colourful reign in the mayor's chair of Canada's "boom town" she has earned the respect of voters, grudging admiration of her political allies and opponents, and along the way picked up a most fitting nick-name that stuck like glue.

"Hurricane Hazel" created a legacy in more ways than one. Her political life, lived in a glass house, is  quite visible and there for all to see. What is not so transparent is the role Hazel McCallion has been playin in elevating women's hockey to become an Olympic medal sport.

"She belongs to the world of women's hockey and the City of Mississauga has to share her with the world," said Fran Rider, executive director of the Ontario Women's Hockey Association, regarding then Mayor, Hazel.

"I am a great believer in the benefits of sport and recreation," McCallion said. "Sport, particularly hockey, has played an important role in my life and I have always been committed to making sport events accessible to the people of Mississauga."


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