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MSC is a member based not-for-profit organization working to serve grassroots sports development in Mississauga.

Sport Group members are located in Mississauga.

Individual member is age of majority, lives in the City of Mississauga, owns a business or works in the City of Mississauga, or is a member of a City of Mississauga affiliated group and who pays the membership dues.




To encourage all residents of Mississauga to be life-long participants in safe accessible and equitable sports an recreation by encouraging and supporting the development of facilities, programs, training and resources; by encouraging and supporting the hosting of sporting events; and by raising the profile and recognizing the achievements of Mississauga's sports participants.


Birds eye view

1.    Promotion

2.     Development

3.     Recognition        





It takes a village             


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers, sponsors, partners and community sport stakeholders helping sport thrive in Mississauga:

City of Mississauga - the Sports Council was formally established by an Order in Council in 1983. It has a long standing relationship with the City of Mississauga whose support and funding are cornerstones of the organizations success.

Ontario Trillium Foundation for supporting the development of sports in our community.

The many community sport stakeholders who value and contribute to the benefits of a thriving grassroots sport community.

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