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Member Code of Conduct





The purpose of this policy is to describe a Code of Conduct to govern the decisions and actions of MSC members.



This policy is intended to guide those activities engaged in by members on behalf of the organization as relating to such conduct that may compromises the reputation, image, or integrity of MSC.



The public is entitled to expect the highest standards of conduct from the members volunteers and staff of the Mississauga Sports Council. This policy outlines the values and standards that will ensure that MSC activities are conducted in an open, fair, and transparent manner. MSC Board members, volunteers, and staff are expected to promote and abide by the mission, vision, values, and policies of the Mississauga Sports Council.



MSC members are expected to conduct themselves in all matters involving their association with the organization in a manner that is fully consistent with the public interest and that will bear the closest public scrutiny without risk of censure. Their actions and relations with MSC Board, staff, volunteers, community stakeholders and colleagues will be driven by the core values that shape MSC as a community leadership organization and regulatory legislation that protects participant rights and interests.


To that end, MSC Members will:

1. Acquaint themselves with the Organization's mission, vision, values, principles, and policies, and behave accordingly.

2. Not participate in, condone, or engage in dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.

3. Comply with MSC’s Privacy and Conflict of Interest policies and procedures.

4.Comply with legislation regarding Workplace Harassment and Workplace Violence, and with the Ontario Human Rights Code. Discriminatory, harassing, and violent behaviour will not be tolerated. Such behaviour includes written or spoken comments as well as overt actions.

5. Not solicit or accept any gift or favour from a stakeholder, prospective stakeholder, or supplier that will place them, or appear to place them under an obligation, or will place MSC in a compromised position. In this regard: Gifts given for the use and benefit of the organization may be accepted at the discretion of the Executive Director and/or the President.


6. Maintain complete confidentiality regarding MSC affairs and decisions. As well, they will not relay information which they have gained about colleagues, stakeholders, or other organizations in the process of their activities on behalf of MSC and which they have reason to believe is considered confidential by those persons.


7. Store, handle, and transfer all records, in all formats, in a way that attends to the needs of MSC and its stakeholders for privacy and security.

8. Follow the appropriate process when at variance with MSC policies, procedures, practices or performance and will refrain from discussing these issues outside the organization. Dissent with respect to Board or committee recommendations should be tabled in an open manner at the appropriate forum; however, Board members, volunteers, and staff are expected to respect and abide by decisions.

9. Follow approved communications protocols and policies in regard to public comments, including media contact. Only the Executive Director and President have the authority to issue public statements representing MSC's interests.



It is the responsibility of the President to ensure that Board members and volunteers understand and comply with this policy; the Executive Director to ensure that staff understand and comply with the policy.


1. Members will be required to sign a statement confirming that they have read, and will comply with, the Member Code of Conduct policy. These signed statements will be kept in a secured central file.

2. Any breach of this policy will be considered a serious matter and dealt with immediately. If it is believed that an individual has not been in compliance with this policy, an investigation will be conducted under the auspices of the President, the Executive Committee, or the Executive Director, based on the circumstances. 



This policy will be communicated to all MSC Members, volunteers and staff, and, in addition, a summary of the key points in the policy will be posted on the organization’s website.



MSC works to ensure its practices involving stakeholder and personal information are treated with confidentiality and protocols consistent with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

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