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Government of Canada Programs - Covid-19 Updates

CEWS (Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy - 75%)

10% Temporary Wage Subsidy reduction for employers .

CSJ (Canada Summer Jobs) Covid-19 changes
CEBA (Canadian Emergency Business Account $40,000 loan/$10,000 forgiven)



City of Mississauga - Recreation Sport Group Update  - July 3

Sport Group Update

We wanted to provide you with some updates regarding the re-opening of certain recreational facilities as well as an update regarding applicable Rates & Fees to be charged for the rental of these facilities.

The City of Mississauga continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 outbreak in collaboration with Peel Public Health. We are continuing the Parks & Recreation team's plan to continue with the phased re-opening of certain City amenities in accordance with the Provincial Orders.  Below is an up to date list of the facilities being opened and when;

Reopening Saturday July 4:
Permitted use of:

  • Artificial turf fields

  • Ball diamonds

  • Cricket Fields

  • Picnic areas and photography in parks (max. 10 people)


Reopening Monday July 6:

  • Iceland Arena (ice rentals)


Reopening Monday July 13:
Permitted use of:

  • Soccer Fields


Reopening Monday July 20:

  • Paramount Fine Foods Centre Sportsplex (gymnasium rentals)

  • Paramount Fine Foods Centre Community Rinks (arena floor rentals)


Any group who is interested in booking time for the summer season for any of the amenities listed above are asked to email to indicate their interest.

Any bookings will be required to follow current provincial orders. At this time that means groups will only be permitted for training purposes, no games or scrimmages will be allowed. Groups will be expected to follow physical distancing measures at all times.

We will continue to update user groups with any changes to the above guidelines. An up to date list of what is currently permitted within the city sport and park amenities can be found at the link below. The COVID-19 Recovery Status page be updated on a consistent basis with any new information or guidelines.


COVID-19 Recovery Status 


Update on Rates & Fees 

During our group consultation period, there were a few groups who brought forward the question if there would be any adjustment to the City's Rates & Fees that are charged to rent our facilities. As you are likely aware, the City is incurring a massive deficit as a result of COVID-19 and continue to have operational costs to prepare our facilities for rentals. As such, at this time we are not in a position to offer any discounted rates given the City's difficult financial situation.  We will be proceeding with the approved rates for the 2020 summer season.

We are excited to open up our arenas in a safe and controlled manner. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Customer Service Centre team at or 905-615-4100.

The City of Mississauga Recreation Team







City of Mississauga - Recreation Sport Group Update  - June 22


Dear Stakeholder Groups,


Information travels very quickly these days and we appreciate that it is challenging to keep up with news related to COVID-19 recovery and implications for Mississauga's community sport and recreation organizations.
Here is a summary of some key developments and what this means to you:

When can we "Return to Play"?
Many provincial sport organizations have developed "Return to Play" guidelines and resources.  These guidelines and resources are critical in supporting Mississauga to plan for and support a return to play for our residents and community groups when it is safe and feasible to do so. 


Conditions related to COVID-19 can vary greatly across the province, country and globally, the timing and decisions about when Mississauga can "return to play" is based on:


Government of Ontario:  A Framework for Re-opening our Province lays out the government's approach to the next chapter in the ongoing fight to defeat COVID 19. It outlines the principles the government will use to reopening businesses, services and public spaces in gradual stages. It also explains the criteria Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health will use to help advise the government on when it safe to begin loosening public health restrictions.


Advice from Local Public Health about the Current state of COVID-19 in Peel

Direction from City Council (currently meeting on a weekly basis on Wednesdays).


What is open and closed?
On June 17, Mississauga City Council reviewed and approved additional amenity re-openings in relation to COVID-19.


Of particular note to sport and recreation stakeholders, the following amenities have reopened on June 19, 2020 as allowed under the Province's Stage 1 recovery currently in effect for Peel Region:
City of Mississauga and School Board track facilities
Bocce courts
Beach volleyball courts


These re-openings are in addition to amenities already opened including community gardens, marinas and Lakefront Promenade public boat launches, golf courses, leash-free zones, BMX and skateboard parks, public and community tennis courts, benches, shelters and shade structures and seasonal washrooms.

In addition, the following schedule of planned re-openings outlined in the chart below was endorsed.  City staff work in collaboration with community organizations to develop more detailed plans and protocols for the safe re-opening of facilities and permitting of activities, on a case by case basis.


Currently Open

Community gardens, Marinas and lakefront promenade public boat launches, Golf courses, Leash-free zones, Benches, Shelters, Structures, BMX/Skate parks, Pubilc tennis courts, Seasonal washrooms


Friday June 19
Track facilities (Gonzaga, Courtney Park, Loyola),
Beach volleyball courts,
Bocce courts
Reopening Friday June 26
Community use of fields (no permits),
Basketball courts,
All remaining parking lots


Reopening Saturday July 4
Artificial turf fields,
Ball diamonds,
Arenas (Iceland),
Cricket fields,
Picnic areas and photography permits in parks,
Spray pads,
7 Outdoor pools (pre-registration required)


Reopening Monday July 13
Soccer fields

Our Customer Service Centre has engaged affected permit groups with next steps to confirming the booking process for the summer season. Any questions in this process can be directed to


While a complete return to our old "normal" will not occur until there is a widely available vaccine, with your support, we are confident that we can continue to provide a variety and choice of opportunities for residents to stay active, healthy and connected to their communities.
More information and additional updates on recreation facility re-openings is available on our web site.

Resources for preparation and safe re-opening of facilities
The Community Groups page of the City website has recently been updated to include links to key information including common guidelines, public health fact sheets, and sport-specific resources. Additional resources will be added as they are available.

Learn More


Please do not hesitate to contact your City Liaison if you have questions or require additional information.

Sincerely,  The City of Mississauga Recreation Team

Mayor + Councillors Consultation with Sports Groups, Recreation Team Follow-Up - May 5

Thanks again for your participation in the Mayor + Councillor’s consultation with sport groups on April 27.   While there is no confirmed date for when facilities will open and activities can resume, we do know that things will not be exactly as they were before COVID-19 (at least not right away).   The Recreation Team is committed to working in partnership with our community groups to plan for and support a smooth recovery and return to activity when it is safe to do so and following the directives of our peers at Peel Public Health and other levels of government. 
Based on the input provided on the call, the following action plan will be implemented over the next short while:
·         Facilitating access to information and resources
o   Already circulated and attached again for your reference is the resource summary sheet of programs that groups may or may not be eligible to access. Staff will maintain a list of resources including funding opportunities on the city web site as new programs and further details are available. 
o   Staff will coordinate online meetings or webinars to provide further information and support to groups to help them address some of the immediate financial and service delivery impacts related to COVID-19 and plan for the future.  As a starting point, a session will be coordinated in May to provide further information about emergency/relief funding and support available from other levels of government that is applicable to non-profit, sport and recreation sector partners.   Additional sessions will be offered based on need and interest of groups and as additional support becomes available.
·         Planning for “return to play”
o   We heard from several groups that some  of these sport-specific types resources are already in draft or being worked on now.  Staff request that  groups who have this information or are drafting information are to email copies or links to the resources that they are aware of to your City Liaison.
o   Staff will continue to engage with our stakeholders and user groups (e.g. grouped based on type of sport, type of facility) to discuss further considerations and inform planning for resuming activities when it is safe to do so.   This work will align with public health protocols and directives for hygiene and physical distancing as well as guidelines from provincial/national sport organizations and other sources while reflecting unique needs of Mississauga-based organizations. 
·         Extending the 2020 outdoor season
o   Given the extenuating circumstances that we are facing, the Parks Operations team will look to extend the natural field season at select locations depending on weather and ability to complete our fall maintenance.   Artificial sports fields could also be extended for use until weather conditions dictate that they are unplayable.   Exact dates and locations will be determined as further details about the timing for re-opening of facilities unfolds.  
·         Booking & Cancellation Policies 
o   There are many unknowns with respect to the start date and duration of the playing season as well as potential impacts that COVID-19 may have on participation rates.  Adaptations to the current policies will be considered as required as further details become known with an aim of avoiding undue hardship to user groups. 
·         Rates and Fees
o   Rates and Fees are approved by Council on an annual basis.  Reduced rental rates are available to organizations that are registered in the City’s Community Group Registry Program (  Changes to approved rates and fees can only be made by Council. Staff will keep our stakeholders and user groups apprised of any changes that may be considered.
·         Marketing Campaign
o   A city-led marketing campaign will be implemented to encourage residents to return to sports and other activities offered throughout the City once the state of emergency ends.
We sincerely appreciate the role that your organizations play in keeping Mississauga residents active, healthy and connected to their communities.  We are encouraged by the resilience and creativity that has been displayed through this very difficult time and look forward to working with you on the next steps.

Kelly Reichheld, BRLS
Manager, CD, Sport Development & Paramount Fine Foods Centre
T 905-615-3200 ext.3217 |
City of Mississauga | Community Services,
Recreation Division
Please consider the environment before printing.


Mayor + Councillors Consultation with Sports Groups, Follow-Up - April 27

Thank you for participating in Monday’s discussion. Your input helps us better understand the impacts of COVID-19 on your organizations. I also appreciated hearing your suggestions on how the City can help to address these challenges.

I want to thank our Councillors, particularly Councillor Fonseca for facilitating the discussion after I had to leave to join another meeting. I’ve provided a summary below that captures key points and recommendations you provided from our discussion. Please feel free to share this information with others you feel relevant.

I also thank those of you who participated in the survey that was circulated by my colleagues from the Recreation team. To re-cap, the survey asked the following 2 questions:
What type of impact have the emergency measures had on your organization?
Has your Board accessed any incentive programs or assistance?
There was a 77% response rate (53 of 69 groups responded) of which the majority highlighted the following key challenges facing the sports community:
·       Sources of revenue have been impacted significantly whether it is from membership, programs, bingo, sponsorship and tournaments. Refunds are being requested and some groups don’t have the funds to do so and are offering deferrals;
·       Sport groups have had to lay off staff whether they are coaches, instructors, administrators and operational staff;
·       The timing of re-opening of City facilities is unknown, which impacts program planning, parent engagement, fee payments and membership;
·       Groups require fee support from their sport governing bodies and the municipality given the expenses already incurred for the sport season and to continue as a viable organization in the future;
·       Families discretionary funds spent on sport may be reduced which will impact future participation and revenue. There will be a greater need to assist these financially challenged families to have their children continue to participate in sport and those funds may not be available due to the impact of donations.
Monday’s discussion focused on “what can the City do to help?” Here below are themes and key points that were raised from our meeting:
Asking the City to develop “Return to Play” protocols and directives on how to conduct sports activities in the new environment of physical distancing;
Many groups echoed the need to learn more about when the City plans to re-open facilities. Some groups requested exceptions to allow for practice-only. Other groups asked the City to ‘stay the course’ in keeping facilities closed as these health matters take priority over programming;
Groups wanted to learn more about qualifying for funding programs offered by all three levels of government. The Recreation team will be preparing information on the programs and funding criteria;
There was frustration over the fact that many cannot access facilities. A few groups asked the City to exercise greater flexibility in opening facilities. For example, the Mississauga Sailing Club members would like to check on their boats after a windstorm or do checks for regular maintenance;
Many expressed concern over “COVID hangover,” noting that many parents or members may be reluctant in registering for sport activities post-pandemic.
A few groups have donated to the food bank or local hospitals or are looking to help in the community in different ways.
The following were recommendations provided:
Recommending the City to extend the season for many of the outdoor sports groups (e.g. Cricket, Soccer, Football, etc…)
Requesting to roll-back price increases for facilities set for this Fall
Revising City’s cancellation policies in light of the current crisis
Asking the City to launch a marketing campaign to encourage people to return to sports, once state of emergency ends
Coordinating and discussing with “like” sports groups to have aligned return plans
Asking the City for support with sanitizer or any other hygiene measures for when groups return to play

I mentioned several resources on the call and have provided you in the attachment links to several websites you will find helpful.

I wanted to address the many requests for re-opening sport facilities. The City continues to close all recreation facilities in the best interest of protecting the health and safety of the public and our staff. The Government of Ontario required the closure of non-essential places which includes sport facilities and until further notice. At the moment there is no confirmed date for facility openings.
We ask for your patience as we work through the process of determining an opening date and developing a phase-in action plan with guidance from our peers at Peel Public Health.
In terms of next steps, my colleagues from the Recreation team will be working towards actionable items to address your concerns raised. The Recreation team will keep your groups informed of funding details as they are announced. In the meantime, if you have any further concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to my colleagues Kelly Reichheld, Matthew Maclaren and Sharlene Murray, who are cc’d in this email.

Warm regards,
Bonnie Crombie, MBA, ICD.D
Mayor, City of Mississauga
T 905-896-5555 | @BonnieCrombie
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April 27, 2020 - MSC registered to participate

Sharing concerns related to COVID-19.

Purpose of meeting is to consult with Registered Sport Groups regarding the impacts of COVID-29 and share ideas and thoughts on potential supports.

Emergency Measure Impact Survey for Sport Groups


What type of impact has the emergency measures had on your organization? (check off what is applicable)

  Full and Part time staff layoff

  Cancellation of season

  No access to facilities

  Loss of program and fundraising revenue

  Loss of membership due to economic impact on families

  Unable to pay facility expenses

  Loss of volunteer capacity

  Don’t know


Has your Board accessed any incentive programs or assistance? (check off what is applicable)

 Federal Funding

 Provincial Funding

 Municipal lease/rental deferral

 Municipal property tax deferral

 Municipal economic development programs

 Region of Peel Emergency Fund

 Deferral of utilities



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Mayor + Councillors Consultation with Sports Groups, Follow-Up - April 27

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